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Akashic Records Reading

Options: $125 (60 min)

The Akashic records (Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") are understood to be a infinite collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether (a non-physical plane of existence). 


The Akashic Records are understood to have existed since the beginning of The Creation and even before. It's a boundless channel of information for you to access to shift limiting beliefs, negative stories, patterns, behaviors and align with your true Authentic Divine Self.

The Process:

I read the sacred Akashic Prayer, which tunes me into your soul's vibration and frequency, allowing your Spirit guides and Higher-self to take my hand and guide me into your infinite boundless wisdom and healing.

The channel I tap into is a higher-vibration than our typical intuition; the channel is clear, clean, precise and expansive.


Typically the client will be ready to ask a few questions and the session organically evolves; as both myself and the client is ascending and flowing with the messages and healing. An Akashic reading is not a psychic reading or a prediction of the future, it's a reading and healing centered around he present moment, almost like a Spiritual Therapy. 

As you enter the Akashic records you are being healed from the inside out; you may experience emotional releases and definitely some "Ah Ha" moments of clarity and wisdom to take with you on your journey.

  • Experience a new found sense of Wholeness & Acceptance of Self

  • Release the blockages and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and stagnate

  • Align with your Higher-self

  • Download the most clearest guidance from your Higher-self and soul, getting you ready to fully align with your purpose!

  • Increase your vibration

  • Reach new levels of spirituality

  • Remove energetic blocks

  • Insight and awareness on “blind spots”

  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leasing to improvements in relationships and quality of life

  • Awakened and align with Soul purpose

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

  • Release trauma & PTSD

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