Energetic Signature Cleansing

Focused Therapy that cleanses & releases faulty energetic, emotional, mental & physical signatures & patterns.

INVESTMENT: $75 (30 min)

This is a channeled ancient healing modality where I utilize energy and light infusions, sacred geometry, tuning forks, rattles, sage, essential oils, crystal therapy, and open the sacred space for Divine guides to perform a focused healing that is requested by the client. This is a focused therapy intended to place undivided intention and healing  on one aspect of the client, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The client will determine their intention; narrowing down what energetic signature or physical ailment they want to focus on.

For example: To heal and raise the vibration of a specific organ or to release an unhealthy relationship pattern.

*Written Journey included in session
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We come into this Earth Plane vibrating at a certain frequency which creates our energetic signature. Our energetic signature attracts our experiences, karma and people into our life by matching our frequency to that situation or person. So if we are vibrating low, we will attract low/negative people and experiences in our life.

When you have a trauma that is repeated in various lifetimes that means you have an energetic signature that keeps attracting a similar situation to play out again. The way to release this signature is to choose a different path, awaken new beliefs, heal the trauma (acceptance, release of victim and manifest ownership) and operate in new healthy patterns and thoughts. For example, if you were abandoned, you have to forgive yourself and the other person (authentically), understand and own that your soul called forth this experience for wisdom, strength and mastery, and shift the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, patterns and people that you once engaged in that actually assisted in attracting this low vibrational experience.

The way we process our emotions is related to our frequency or in other words our energetic signatures. If our vibration is low, our energy centers (Chakras) are moving slowly as well, thus are unable to process our emotions or release our heavy emotions easily or quickly.

How can we change our energetic signatures or raise our frequency?

  • Meditation

  • Practicing Mindfulness

  • Energy Healing

  • Changing your mental, emotional and physical patterns

  • Releasing negative people and situations from your life

  • Increase the positive energy in your life (try new things)

  • DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT (When you feel tempted to do into an old pattern, STOP and choose something different).

  • Do more of what you LOVE (dance, sing, socialize, create, paint, cook, play, etc)

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