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Indigo Children

First Generation of gifted children here to evolve humanity

Crystal Children

Second Generation of gifted children here to evolve humanity

Rainbow Children

Third Generation of gifted children here to evolve humanity

Star children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the universe to help the earth and the people on it. They possess psychic, spiritual, and other extra sensory abilities. These children will bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come. They have come here on special assignment to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional earth.


The most wonderful aspect of Star children is their willingness to take on the world and learn to make their own way through it. Star children will get to the point where they are able to mold society into something that reflects their energies and values. The truth that they hold and defend so well will reflect their integrity and spirituality.

-Dana Massat, Founder of Ascend Your Soul


The Rainbow children seem to be here to implement the Divine Will and they will use their strong will and energy to build the New World on the foundation of peace and harmony the Crystal children are laying down. The Crystal children are only able to lay down that foundation because the Indigo children have already forged the path and broken down all of the old barriers. They are all-important and have to come in this sequence to accomplish their goals.


Indigo: Break down the paradigm of the traditional thinking.

Crystal: Will build their foundation on the broken paradigm.

Rainbow: Will build on to what the Indigo and Crystal children began and complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal children have made.


Indigo: ADD/ADHD


  • Medicating these special children will severely inhibit their abilities. This is a really easy option for many parents who just aren’t patient or can’t handle their Indigo children. Try to look at the bigger picture. You and your child have both previously agreed to your arrangement before you even set foot on this earth. Know that children can be handled without medication. This may be very difficult for some parents so consider joining a support groups or even better, order up an angel to help you! It’s a difficult journey but one that can be made through together. The problem with medicating Indigo Children is that it lowers their vibrational frequency. They will be unable to or find it extremely difficult to fulfill their life’s purpose at this lower energy level.

Crystal: Speech delay, Autism

  • The fact is not surprising that delayed speech is rising in children that are incredibly psychic. Why would they need to talk when they can communicate with their minds? It is not uncommon to see Crystal children that don’t really speak until they’re 3 or 4 years of age. Most parents are in touch with their children and know what they are communicating. These children may use sign language, sing, or make specific sounds to communicate. Parents should remember to look at the big picture. If children are successfully communicating at home and not having any problems, the medical profession should not try and make it a problem.

  • The medical profession should also understand why autism is on the rise. It is thought that the new Crystal children, with their higher vibrational frequency, are unable to handle vaccinations. These souls have loose ethereal bodies and the poison from the vaccines literally pushes them out of their bodies. You can protect these children by keeping their meridians balanced and purging these toxins from their bodies by whatever alternative medicine you agree with. This may include getting their meridians balanced, chakras balanced, energy work, Reiki, or whatever you are comfortable with. It is important to purge toxins from your body within 24-48 hours after giving medicine, especially after giving your children vaccinations. This time frame is when it is easiest to purge toxins and do the least amount of damage to the body. After 48 hours there may be some damage and it will be more difficult to eliminate the toxins.

Rainbow:  Physical or mental disability

  • They enter the world at times with a Physical or Mental Disability because of their need for constant love and affection and this will ensure they are always in contact with people. Rainbow children tend to need less sleep.


How the School system & Medical Model Fails our children:

School System:

Our school systems, social structures, families, and ways of life have followed patterns that have not changed for many generations. And yet, they no longer serve our needs. These children will make it very clear to us where we need to make changes and what needs to happen next.

Medical Model:

It is important that health care professionals update their diagnosis and become more aware of what is happening around them. It may be difficult to understand energy and realize that we are moving past medicine and things that will pull our vibrational frequencies to a lower level. People have been healing themselves with their own energies for quite some time. This trend will continue and even become more common in the decades to come.

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