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Dana is known as the "Modern Day Shaman" and the "Healer's Healer" here to offer a Divine opportunity to our new wave of Healers or to help seasoned Healers finesse their skill. Consider this journey Shaman training, a rising into Consciousness and an awakening of your Divinity!


$44 per Session - 8 Week Program

(Register for all the weeks or choose the weeks you want to come)

In person or Virtual

(20550 S LaGrange Rd STE 210, Frankfort IL 60423)

If you are familiar with my Lightworker Mentorship & Shamanic Ascension Training program; I am taking elements from both programs with the intention of helping Healers strengthen your gifts and fully step into their Shamanic Path.

We are all natural born Healers, yet when we choose to have a career as a Healer, we want to strengthen and fine-tine our gifts, skills and intuition. Working with a mentor can help you sift through the Ego and Projection and fully embrace and connect with the messages from Spirit and your own intuition. 


The process...

Be ready to work and play each and every day!!

  • Each week you will be given an assignment to assist you in fine tuning and strengthening your gifts as a Lightworker; meditation, reflecting, processing, strengthening your intuition, exploring and meeting your guides, performing remote healing sessions, composing shamanic journeys and doing intuition readings.

  • Weekly Mentoring/Coaching sessions with Dana Massat

  • You can add on Mentoring sessions for just $50 per 30 mins to continue to be coached and guided during your practice with clients. Typically I continue to give my clients homework and tools during the Mentoring sessions to continue the journey.

  • Turn off all distractions (cell phones, internet, TV, & etc). Be in the moment with yourself, detach from fear and surrender to love. We are taught that we can control our lives and that will create more freedom, but the truth is that true freedom is achieved through surrender and letting go. You will reach moments of “resistance”, don’t give up or pair with the resistance, ask the resistance “What wisdom do you have for me”” Remember why you are taking this challenge and keep moving forward.


Examples of some of the Lessons:
  • Working with Ascended Masters

  • Working with Colors

  • Working with Sacred Geometry

  • Lightworker Cleansing, Clearing & Protection

  • Lightworker Ethics/Boundaries

  • Group/Collective Consciousness Healing

  • Akashic Record Readings

  • Chakra Healing & Balancing 

  • Remote Healing Sessions

  • Journey Writing

  • Automatic Writing (Channeling)

  • In-person Healing Sessions

  • Self-healing session

  • Awaken and discover your Divine purpose and vision as a Healer

  • Strengthen your gifts and intuition

  • Balance the Ego and Projections

  • Become confident in your journeying skills

  • Learn to detach when you give an intuitive message to a client

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