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  • Dana Massat

Are you still seeking your purpose and/or passion? I can HELP you with that.


21-day Program focusing on releasing the blockages and unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stagnate; thus connecting you with your true-self to live you highest quality of life!

Symptoms of not living an Authentic Life:

  • You feel as if you are continuously on the cycle of insanity; repeating negative patterns, situations and behaviors.

  • Feeling depressed, lost, shameful, insecure, and confused.

  • Not feeling satisfied with your relationships, hobbies or with life in general.

  • Experiencing a “Life Crisis” (Mid-life, Quarter-Life)

  • You built your “White Picket Fence Life” and you thought that was the answer to happiness, but you are still left wanting more!

Discomfort is a sign of growth; be excited when you feel that “nervous tingle” throughout and celebrate … because you are evolving!

Typically conditioning/programming starts in childhood but yet grows strong roots into  our adulthood. We are taught to be who the world thinks we should be, to be good and suppress parts of our self that feel true but maybe we fear won’t be accepted. This can only sustain for a certain period, till the soul and heart grow stronger and push the mind to it’s limits. This is a process where the soul is attempting to realign and live it’s purpose; this is a beautiful process but also can be somewhat of a breakdown (creating chaos and confusion when we resist and become fearful of change). Why would we want to take this journey?When you finally align and awaken your Divine purpose, you feel more connected to all parts of yourself, others, nature, the Universe and Spirit. You experience more freedom, authentic joy, peace, contentment, serenity, and wholeness.

The process…

Be ready to work and play each and every day!!

  • Each day there will be an exercise for you to do from meditation, reflecting, processing, igniting your creative forces and more!

  • Twice a week I will be doing a Coaching and/or EFT session with you to reprogramming your faulty beliefs and create healthy and positive beliefs.

  • Some days will be meditation and reflection days, which will help you process and release your negative emotions, faulty beliefs and thoughts, while connecting you deeply to your soul’s purpose and limitless possibilities (your expanded-self).

  • Turn off all distractions (cell phones, internet, TV, & etc). Be in the moment with yourself, detach from fear and surrender to love. We are taught that we can control our lives and that will create more freedom, but the truth is that true freedom is achieved through surrender and letting go. You will reach moments of “resistance”, don’t give up or pair with the resistance, ask the resistance “What wisdom do you have for me”” Remember why you are taking this challenge and keep moving forward.


  • Awaken and discover your Divine purpose; a purpose could be as simple (yet complex) as experiencing more freedom and wholeness in your life or maybe you will see a vision of your purposeful Career.

  • As you experience wholeness, compassion, love and acceptance for you, you will experience those feelings within your relationships with others.

  • You will disconnect from fear and embrace love.

  • You will begin to step out of the drama and embrace the wisdom and joy in every moment.

  • You will begin to see the beauty in the things and people you used to fear.

  • You will begin to embrace your journey instead of resisting and controlling.

  • Gain awareness on the core cause of your issues and repetitive negative behaviors.

  • Balance in the emotional and physical body

  • Gain of clarity

  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leading to improvements in relationships and quality of life

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

  • Improved sense of well-being, peace, and happiness

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