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  • Dana Massat

COMING SOON "The Shaman's Daughter" Memoir by Dana Massat

The shaman’s daughter, a memoir of how one can embrace their light and darkness to awaken into their most authentic self. Dana, the shaman’s daughter, was a warrior, conquering one struggle after another, collapsing into the darkness yet always rising again like the phoenix from the ashes. Unbeknownst to her, one day she too, would be a shaman like her father. As her destiny was being revealed to her, her soul was unraveling, creating chaos around her which was breaking her down, almost to the point of losing her life. She realized that the breakdown was also the journey to the breakthrough. Slowly she was allowing her wounded child to be seen, which then in return allowed the warrior to awaken. As a well-known Shaman and Psychotherapist today, Dana Massat, teaches how to embrace the darkness to brighten the Light. This journey of breakdown to breakthrough speaks to those that are seeking an authentic and purposeful life. 

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