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  • Dana Massat

Empty words...

Heart communication reminds me of Namaste "The light in me, honors the light in you", therefore the words I send you will never be weightless. I honor and respect you, as I honor and respect you, thus our communication will be filled in honor, respect, truth, and light.

What does it feel like to live in your heart...speak from your heart? This magenta boundless light flowing from Divine/Source into your crown, exploding your heart, diving into your core, clearing the muck, and grounding in your roots igniting strength and courage.

Empty words... are filled with future pain and so much more. A person that walks their talk and places intention and thoughtfulness behind their words, can also own when they misstep. They take pride and honor in knowing they are living the life they are expressing with their words and are ready to face those moments that lacked integrity and caused pain.

Empty words...the speaker is reckless, thoughtless, lacks self-awareness, selfish, lacks empathy and the ability to process that there words may flow into another person's consciousness and have a negative or positive effect on them. They choose to live in just their mind and heart and refuses to cross over into the truth and realness of cause and effect.

Empty words... those that don't choose them have felt the pain of them and consciously choose to be different. They gained the courage to live in their authentic self, be vulnerable, aware, and almost naked. All the layers pulled back, able to stand in judgment yet feel the power of being vulnerable and self aware; showing their true colors to themselves and the world. It's challenging to stand in your truth, yet to stand in your truth in front of others. It's fulfilling and colorful to be authentic and shine that light on others; spreading empowerment and courage to the world.

Written by:

Dana Massat

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