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Energy Healing-DNA Activation

DNA activation can change your belief systems, impulses, release addictions and raise

your level of consciousness and vibration. The DNA activation that I am referring to are the strands of DNA that scientists refer to as phantom strands of DNA that are not yet activated. When I am performing energy healing, I focus on the clients physical being, energy field, cells and DNA. My intention is to heal any injured DNA, release energetic blocks and faulty systems and activate new DNA and internal and energetic systems of a higher vibration. 

How can the client further integrate the DNA activation? By reacting to life in New and positive ways. We naturally fall into old patterns and systems because they are infused in our DNA. When new DNA is activated you have to feed it with new and high vibrational energy so it stays active. Reacting from a higher consciousness means detaching from the outside forces that are just temporary and the Ego. Living your life from a place of love, rather than a place of Ego and suffering. Another aspect to place awareness on is raising the vibration of your nutrition, eating habits, social exchanges, and who and what you surround yourself with.

What is Remote Healing "We are not bound by space and time"

Remote Healing is just as effective if not more effective then an in-person session; this is because sometimes a person’s defenses rise when they come face-to-face with a Healer and at times the physical gets in the way of the releasing thus creating resistance. During a remote healing session I ascend to a meditative and trance-like state and my client is preferably laying in a quiet place where there will be no interruptions or a sleep state. Remote healing can take place while the client is active but the full integration of the session takes place in peace and meditation. So if my client has to be active during the session, I suggest they take time to meditate and reflect later in the day.

Once I enter my client’s energy field, I allow my higher-self to their higher-self and we both surrender and allow the journey of healing to begin. As I connect with their energy I am guided on where the energetic blocks, trauma, and illness are in their body. I will work with intention, light, crystals, and guides to perform the healing needed.

Benefits of Remote Healing:

  • Increase your vibration

  • Reach new levels of spirituality

  • Remove energetic blocks

  • Align and connect you with your divinity

  • Release physical ailments

  • Balance in the emotional and physical body

  • Gain of clarity

  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leasing to improvements in relationships and quality of life

  • Awakened Life purpose and passion

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

  • Release trauma & PTSD

  • Improved sense of well-being, peace, and happiness

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Written by Dana Massat

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