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  • Dana Massat

Everything will be "Perfect" when you release the belief of "Good or Bad"

Have you ever thought to yourself:

Everything will be perfect when....

  • I get a new job

  • When I have a baby

  • I find my life partner

  • I finish this project

  • my children are done with college

  • I go on vacation

  • I get to Friday

  • I finish school

  • I get to talk to my friend

  • I go to therapy

  • get to the gym

When you are in that mind set, you are operating in limited beliefs and placing certain experiences and people in "Good" and "Bad" boxes. When we differentiate what is "Good" or "Bad" we take ourselves out of the present moment which means we are no longer enjoying the journey, we are seeking the destination.

Every experience is essential and should be accepted and embraced so we can absorb the information our Soul has called forth for us. It is our Ego (humanness) that wants to label everything in our lives as "Good" and "Bad" and to only accept what feels Good and "repeat"; thus rejecting what is "bad". When we do this we are rejecting life lessons and resisting life. When you are able to just receive, you are able to receive the joy and beauty in every experience, even in the experiences you would formally label "Bad".

Many people fully awaken into their authentic selves as they break through their own darkness. This takes vulnerability, which turns into humility, which turns into inner peace. When we let go of "Good" or "Bad" labeling, we awaken more inner peace and bliss into our lives, because we are no longer allowing the Ego to control us. We are surrendered to the beautiful flow of the Universe and dancing as one.

Written by

Dana Massat

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