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  • Dana Massat

Fill me up before I disappear.

She kneels,

puts the drink down, she is ready to feel.

She feels,

the emotions bubbling, the pain rising.

She hears,

her fears and doubts so loud, no option to run now.

She fears,

she is weak and will not heal, not worthy to be whole again.

Rushing waves of emotions with no story crash upon her and those witnessing her.

Projection runs rapid, so infantile, trying to make sense of it all.

Clinging to old patterns... "fill me up before I disappear"...echos in her womb.

She finds,

her breath, filling up and letting it all go.

She knows,

this is the path to wholeness, breath is life.

She loved,

Divine enters her heart, she recalls her truth.

She is,

Divine, I AM whole now, I AM loved now.

He is her witness, he always was.

He breathed for her, when she forgot her truth.

He loved all of her, her wounds and her beauty.

He found her light, when she was lost.

He was a mirror of Divinity to her, for that was all he saw when he looked at her.

Let it out, let it all out so you can let more LOVE in.

Written by Dana Massat

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