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We all need support during this time! Whether it's a laugh, therapy, dinner time with the family or a new "Ah Ha" moment! LIKE my Facebook page or watch me live on IG (dana_massat)

Schedule is below:

Tuesday, June 2nd at 9am: Meditation to awaken inner peace. Tuesday, June 9th at 9am: How to attract my tribe? ALL EVENTS WILL BE RECORDED AND POSTED ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE


Dana time with Divine & Wine-IG LIVE on Thursday June 4th @ 4pm.

Join "the Dana's" as they discuss topics from spirituality, family-life, awakening, healing, and facing their own shadows.


Dana Bartolotta

Dana Bartolotta is a married mom of two. Always finding beauty in all things. Empath and lightworker. Seeking her life purpose to help others heal and find their passion. Graduate of Chicago School Massage Therapy in 2003. Reiki Master and doTerra essential oil distributor. Dana did a lot of self mastery and deep dive into her spirituality. Answering the divine calling to learn more to help others beyond physical. From that she has become a Health/Life Coach and a Meditation Leader. Connecting people to their true self and balance of life.Mission to empower and inspire.Helping them revive their inner beauty and heal throughout. This has lead her to find many like minded souls. Pairing with a couple of entrepreneurs in Health and Beauty to expand her vision and collaborate in a studio.

Dana Massat, is a Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist (MA in Clinical Psychology), a Graduate and Instructor at Sacred Journey Institute, is a Holistic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Intuitive & Divine Channel. Dana has studied Shamanism for the past 15 years and continues to be a pioneer in the field of energy medicine using a shamanic and Intuitive approach to healing bringing her clients health (mind-body-soul) back into perfect balance. She can psychically ‘see’ blockages and aliments in the client's body by intuitive means in person and remotely. Dana Massat's work has been endorsed by many well-known health professionals, authors, artists, psychologists and peers. Dana see's clients in-person at her Chicagoland office. Dana journeys beyond ordinary to work with the multi-dimensional trauma and it's effects on human behavior. My passion is helping each client become the expert of their life by changing their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, patterns, & behaviors. I work with children, adolescents, teenagers, adults in individual, couples, and families. I hold space for you by meeting you right where you are & I gently guide you back to your inner wisdom as you reclaim all the parts of yourself that you may have lost or have not trusted.

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