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FREE Meditation Challenge with Dana Massat

Starts Monday August 13th and will go on for 7 days! Whether you want to start a meditation practice, strengthen your current meditation practice, heal, connect with God, Source or Divine, or free yourself and embrace more Forgiveness in your life... This is the JOURNEY for YOU!

The focus and intention of this Mediation Challenge is Forgiveness. Even if you don't have someone, something or yourself to forgive, it aligns you with positive frequencies of love and joy and expands your heart to accept and be open to your journey, releasing resistance and heavy emotions.

What to expect?

  • I will be sending you daily meditations, inspiration, reflectsion and more every day for 7 days!

  • If you do the work, allow yourself to go inward, be present with your will begin to feel an expansion in your heart and forgiveness may become an easier expression for you. Receive! Blessings, Dana Massat


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