• Dana Massat

Full Moon Special Starts today $25 Intuitive Readings

VIA EMAIL Only.... Receive instant guidance and wisdom from your Higher-self that you may be blocking and get back to YOU! Seeking guidance, clarity or healing? Sometimes our Ego or over-thinking mind is blocking our inner wisdom and clarity, thus keeping us trapped on the hamster wheel or locked on auto-pilot. I have the ability to connect to your Higher-self and see clearly your unlocked highest potential, thus I can give you unbiased Divine wisdom to help you realign with your purpose in life. When we are out of sync with our purpose and authentic self, we begin to feel lost, hopeless, confused, unhappy, depressed and anxious.

  • Receive intuitive guidance (current blockages, messages from guides, and clarity)

  • Receive information on guides who are working with you

  • Receive tools to help you tap into your Highest Potential $25