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  • Dana Massat

Happy Anniversary to Ascend Your Soul|Dana Massat, giving you 6 years of Healing, Ascension & BLISS


In May 2012, Ascend Your Soul was birthed to create a sacred healing space for people to heal their emotional & physical being. I am grateful that I was guided to bring to fruition this beautiful healing space and a place of connection for many souls. Thank you to all of you, for supporting the energy that feeds Ascend Your Soul, so I can continue to spread the healing and knowledge to the community.

Today, people utilize the Ascend Your Soul website, blog, and social media to connect with  one another as like- minded and hearted people. An entire spiritual community has been created and supported through the birth of Ascend Your Soul; many lives have been transformed including my own!

I can’t believe that 6 years have passed and now Ascend Your Soul is well-known all over the WORLD!! I dreamed off helping others connect to their Authentic Self's, this is what I do and will continue to do <3

In gratitude,

Thank you for supporting Ascend Your Soul,

Dana Massat

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