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  • Dana Massat

How to spiritually fortify one’s home

Removing toxic energy, attachments, and abnormal activity from your home.

2020 has shaken up a lot of toxic energy for a lot of people. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of emails of people experiencing feelings of entity possession, toxic energy inciting rage, depression and anxiety and abnormal activity within the home. I have shared simple practices to clear yourself and your home and now I am sharing a more extensive clearing practice that has been around since 1550 B.C.

Tar Water + Brick Dust

What Makes Red Brick Dust Powerful? Why is red brick dust a powerful way to protect your home? What makes it so effective in keeping intruders (both physical and spiritual) out of your house? There are a few reasons why:

  1. Bricks have been used for thousands of years to build homes; therefore, the purpose of the brick itself is protection from outside elements. Fired bricks are known to last the longest and be the strongest type of building block.

  2. Bricks are made from materials of the earth like clay, sand, or lime. The earth element is an element of home protection. Iron is often a component of red bricks, a strong metal.

  3. The color red (like the red brick) has long been associated with the world of the dead/ancestors since ancient times. Our ancestors are our strongest protectors.

So while the brick has its own physical protective qualities, those physical qualities pour over into the spiritual realm and become spiritually protective as well. How to use Brick Dust: Sprinkle brick dust in your windows and doorways to keep out toxic energy and entities, or place it in the area you are experiencing abnormal activity. You can also add brick dust to your floor cleaning solution and spread it throughout the home that way.

How to Make Brick Dust

The Tiny Cauldron: Tar Water, or Pine Tar Water, is actually a medieval remedy one drank to rid himself or herself from particularly strong spirits or entities. Now, while it's not offered (as much) due to its disagreeable taste, those who practice the craft use tar water as a symbol in their practices to aid in banishing evil or negative entities in themselves or in their presence. While our Protection Spray can ward off everyday negativity and protect against developing attachments, our Tar Water Spray is ideal for more severe cases. Because any type of entity can attach itself during ritual, and all of us are not without fallibility, it is ideal to have tar water in our witchcraft supply or on our altars. However, tar water is also used when breaking any hexes or sending any ill-will back from whence it came. How to use tar water: Add several pumps to each corner of a room in your home or business or add a capful to your mop water. You can also spray it in your yard, across your front door, or throughout any room for protection.

Purchase Tar Water

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