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  • Dana Massat

I love being a mom, but...

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I began my mindful Mommy journey at 21 years old, and since then I've always returned to the questions:

Am I doing enough career-wise?

What's my purpose?

Am I doing enough in general?

When will my kids need me less?

Can I travel for my career and still be there for my children?

Can I do it all?

If you know me, you probably think these questions are out of place because I have a lot of roles: I am a mom, Healer, Business Owner, Speaker, teacher, and I am currently getting my Masters in psychology. Yet, even as we move through the world, multi-task, ignite our innovative and creative energies and fulfill many roles, we sometimes experience doubt, lack of clarity and confusion. So do I!! 

Sometimes my days go like this: Meditate/ceremonies/client emails, drop the boys off at school, go to yoga, client sessions, record videos/podcast, get the boys from school, catch up with them, and make dinner and head to school or do evening workshops.

I do wonder if I'm supposed to complete and publish my book now or later and should I be traveling around the world to speak and heal now or later. Yet the biggest role of my life is being a Mom, which requires me to basically always be available and present with them, which creates these small gaps of time to dedicate to me.

Do I enjoy being present and available to my son's? Yes! Our love, connection and relationship is palpable and it's my favorite place to be! I love being home, I love dropping them off at school, I love picking them up from school, I love having the flexibility to attend school functions, etc. I feel blessed. Yet, I feel this pull to do more. Is that pull from conditioning? Is that pull from my soul, saying there is more to do!! I think it comes from both, the conditioning of "you have to work hard to become a success" and I do feel the tug in my soul pulling me upward to create more, heal and teach.

I feel like I'm orchestrating multiple aspects of my life to create my purpose. Even though some of the aspects feel separate, they all ebb and flow together to create my purpose, what I am supposed to be giving to this Universe, in it's unique packaging.

When I ask these questions to Spirit, I hear:

"Your purpose is you, your purpose is all you are doing right now in this present moment, your purpose is being a mom, your purpose is healing and helping the community. Your purpose is where your heart guides you."

When the doubt and mind quiets, I feel this message to be true. I feel this foundation of peace that all is well and a strong sense of inner knowing that my career & freedom will grow and expand as my children grow and expand into their lives. Pushing forward is pushing against the flow, if you want to flow, all you have to do is surrender and trust.

My wisdom to you is, what you are doing right now, in this moment is "your purpose"! Every moment you are adding to your story and your purpose, the low moments, the high moments, all the moments. Everything will grow and come together in the perfect moment, trust where you are right now, is where you are supposed to be and when you need to move into a new space and energy, you will with grace and ease.

Written by: Dana Massat

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