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  • Dana Massat

It's time to own your life, so you can start living it to the fulliest

Have you been on autopilot so long that you feel numb and lost? Maybe Society conditioned and placed us on a path

that isn’t fulfilling our soul or we continuously are facing barriers and blockages in our life and are feeling defeated and hopeless.

The Solution

Sometimes we place stories, faces and experiences on the uncomfortable feeling that is stirring inside of us or on the emotions that we have suppressed for so long. The solution isn’t always a “physical” change, meaning changing your career, relationship or location. When we have lost our passion, purpose, and authentic-self, its time that be get cleared and release what is binding us to our false self.

Why do we have to get cleared?

Many times our Ego’s goals and intentions supersede our Higher-self’s goals and intentions, which means we are constantly get reared off our Soul’s journey, facing blocks, set-backs and experiencing similar negative events over and over. It is easy to get caught up in our patterns and addictions in our life, which keep us distracted from fully embracing our authentic-selves and seeking our passions. Whether we experienced trauma in our childhood, or later in our adult-life, trauma creates stress and negative beliefs, which begin to limit our experience on Earth.


I have many modalities and programs that clear blockages, trauma, suppressed emotions and align the person with their Divine (authentic) self. As a client you will be drawn to the technique that is perfect for you! When you are working through long-term issues, trauma, addictions, patterns, repeated negative experiences and events, and etc. I suggest choosing one of my 21 or 30 day Programs. My program allow the client to dive deep into the core of who they truly are and begin to create healthy patterns to support their Authentic-self along with my daily support, guidance and healing.

A Soul Clearing is a great healing modality that works with training the Ego to operate like your Higher-self, as

well as integrating the Ego and Higher-self to work as one. Many people are experiencing intense transformation. Old issues, negative patterns, and heavy emotions are coming to the surface quickly for releasing. Relationships that no longer serve your “Highest Being and Soul Purpose” are crumbling and exploding with intention of making room for High Vibrational Soul partnerships. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing because of the intense manner in with the old energies are releasing from you.

During this intense process of self transformation and SOUL AWAKENING, a Soul Clearing is a great process that will help cleanse and purify your soul of any low vibration that is holding you back.

Awakening & Integrating your Inner-Child 21 Day Program

As we grow older, we seem to lose pieces of our self, due to the responsibilities placed on us as we get older, stress, and emotional trauma. I created this 21-day Program to Awaken and Integrate your inner child. Why is this important? Awakening and integrating your Inner-child his will assist adults in integrating their wise adult self with their playful child self; to live a more balanced and full life.

Grounding for Star Children-30 day Program

Many Star Children experience most of their life “out of body” because of their strong spiritual connection. They are

wired differently and they feel everything that is existing and flowing in their environment, and all in the same moment.

Benefits of the Grounding Program

  • New sense of balance

  • Clarity and focus

  • Increased sense of grounding in their body and the Earth plane

  • Improved processing and physical response/reaction

  • Healing of physical developmental issues

  • Improved social skills and confidence

  • Increased awareness

Integration of Ego & Higher-self – 30 day program

30-day Program focusing on Reprogramming your Brain and releasing unhealthy patterns and energetic signatures.

This is a 30-day Program that will assist in integrating your Ego and your High-self along with Brain Reprogramming. I have successfully assisted in many healings and clearings for over a decade now, but I realized I was missing an important aspect of my process. What I noticed overtime with my clients and myself, that due to the programming of our Brain (from family energetics, society, our environment, & etc) we tend to revert back to old negative patterns and behaviors even after we have healed and released many aspects of ourselves and traumas.

The reason why we revert back to old patterns is the physical and emotional body may have released and healed and trauma but the Brain (mental) has not. The Brain, until you reprogram it, you will attract whatever beliefs are programmed into your Brain. For example, if you picked up a belief system from your family that tells you, “I am not lovable, I am not worthy”, you will still attract people and experiences into your life that reflects that belief. With E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), we are able to Reprogram the Brain by implementing new belief systems into every part of your being (Mental, Physical and Emotional).

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