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  • Dana Massat

Let me send some GOOD VIBES to you!

The New Moon is August 11th, which is always a time to manifest following the cleansing, releasing and healing of a Full Moon. To express my gratitude and my desire to give back, I will be holding sacred space for the intentions, desires and manifestations of others. It's easy! All you have to do is receive!

How can you receive?

  • Send me your intentions and desires; for example "I am abundant and my health is perfect! I am in a loving and respectful relationship. I found the perfect house!"

  • Email them to

  • Include your full name and DOB

My ritual:

The intentions will be placed in a bowl on August 8th, placed in water blessed by Spirit, Divine and Mother Earth, infused with loving energy and essential oils. Then dried out in the sun till August 11 (the New Moon), where the sacred prayers will be burned and released fully into the Universe for a quick Manifestation!

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