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  • Dana Massat

Make a VIBE Board for 2019 at home!

7 days of lessons to help you gain full clarity and healing to create the most magnificent Vision board for the year to come! We are approaching 2019, a new year, our traditional time of making new goals and resolutions. Now is a great time to focus on YOU and release what is holding you back. What are you ready to Manifest?

Creating a vision board is not just about cutting pictures out of a magazine or writing down your best quotes to help inspire you in the NEW YEAR. It’s actually more about reflecting on the previous and really becoming clear and intentional on your goals, attitude and VIBE for the year! Awakening your Higher-self, quieting the Ego can allow you to create a Vision board with your Highest VIBE and with intention and purpose. Intention and purpose are what allows the Universe to support you on your journey. Let’s clearly tell the Universe what we desire with our VIBE BOARD.


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