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  • Dana Massat

Mindful Souls Podcast with special guest with Shelly Burton, host Dana Massat

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We cover:

- Life altering incidents that help align you with your purpose.

- Drawing out the healer in you.

- Covid as evolutionary pressure. Learning to sit with and heal uncomfortable feelings.

- Questioning reality and creating a new society.

- Energy medicine and trauma healing as self-love.

- Finding your unique gifts as a healer and learning to trust yourself. How this creates freedom.

- Empath life hacks. Clearing overstimulation to hear your intuition. Not taking on other’s feelings or trying to “fix” them for them. Holding the vision for others as being capable of healing their own wounds.

- Boundaries: the importance of being able to say no and how this helps you trust yourself. Understanding and healing co-dependency.

- What to do if you feel bad for not taking on others emotions.

- Empathy as love.

- Empaths and addiction. The core of addiction being a lack of emotional connection.

- How are you living? Doing the work to feel better rather than dissociating.

- Applying love to our deepest wounds as self-love.

- Healing childhood wounds. Why exploring these doesn’t mean mom and dad are “bad”.

- Feel to heal. Transmuting the emotional body through the application of love.


Dana Massat, Founder of Ascend Your Soul, a Shamanic Holistic Practitioner, Healer & Teacher for over 15 years and Psychotherapist is the Mindful Momma. Author of The Shaman's Daughter. We are talking about Mental Health, self-work, awareness, spirituality, kids, relationships, wounds, childhood, parenting, & life.

My next guest on Mindful Souls is Shelly Burton is an internationally acclaimed Energy Medicine Woman. After enduring a life-altering concussion, Shelly Burton found her true calling as a facilitator of knowledge and inner-connectivity. Her ability to form bonds and connections with others, and various aspects of nature led her to excel in healing dances, horse training, drumming, and hands-on healing practices. Shelly interprets the world through a comprehensive lens that combines her academic proficiency in both biomedicine, and medical anthropology, along with her deep-rooted understanding of spiritual and emotional healing. In fact, her innovative approach to self-improvement practices has garnered the attention of large media outlets including the BBC World Service, The Toronto Star and the Huffington Post.

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