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  • Dana Massat

My Healing Touch of Wholeness

I have a gift, I am a Healer.

I had this gift since I was a child, I could hear people's thoughts, I could feel icky energies, I could feel when someone wasn't saying what they really wanted to say.

I knew I was different, but as a child, I didn't know what to do with my gift.

I have this ability to look at someone, listen to their spoken and unspoken word, and begin to bring them back to Wholeness. I do this with my intention, the Divine guidance that comes through me for them, and by using the energies within them and outside of them to re-calibrate their energy and bring them back to their natural flow (wholeness).

Adults can be stressed and thrown off balance, and alike, babies sometimes come into this world off balanced and leave the womb confused and tight. Everything and everyone has the ability to return to Wholeness (balance), sometimes we can return on our own and sometimes we need a nudge.

I have this gift that I try to translate to the best of my ability so people can understand and receive it. I see the holes in people's energy field, I see the heavy and light energy orbs floating throughout their body and I feel the frequencies moving up and down their spine and throughout their being. With my intention and gifts I know how rebalance the energies and frequencies, release the blockages that are keeping them stuck in a lower state of being (struggle, anger, anxiety and stress) and bring them back to Wholeness.

When a client enters my space (whether remotely or in-person), I pray they are open and vulnerable enough to receive my gift, for I wish for them Wholeness and healing to the highest level. Sometimes I meet a client, the session takes place, and I'm not so confident they fully received the healing. YET, time and time again, I am proven wrong and I am validated that they did receive my gift. I'll receive an email from a parent of an autistic child I just worked on and to their surprise they are seeing and feeling shifts. The parents are more connected to the medical model, so they notice the tangible changes of improved self regulation, expansion of speech, and an increase in calmness. But then they say... "There is something intangible that I am feeling and sensing with my child, a sense of internal calmness, Wholeness and acceptance. My child doesn't cuddle with me and last night, she wrapped her arms around me and gazed into my eyes, I felt her love pour into me."

I have a gift, and my intention is to share it with those that are needing healing and wholeness.

Dana Massat

Healer, Shamanic Energy Lightworker

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