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  • Dana Massat

Now offered to the public "Lightworker Mentorship with Dana Massat"

Dana is known as the "Modern Day Shaman" and the "Healer's Healer" here to offer a Divine opportunity to our new wave of Healers or to help seasoned Healers finesse their skill. Consider this journey Shaman training, a rising into Consciousness and an awakening of your Divinity.

Customized program to fit your Intention & Goals:

  • Weekly program $100 per week 

  • ​1 weekly Mentoring session (30 min) with me & one task to work on (master) for a week, and email communication -$100 a week

​We are all natural born Healers, yet when we choose to have a career as a Healer, we want to strengthen and fine-tine our gifts, skills and intuition. Working with a mentor can help you sift through the Ego and Projection and fully embrace and connect with the messages from Spirit and your own intuition. 

Examples of some of the Lessons:

  • Working with Ascended Masters

  • Working with Colors

  • Working with Sacred Geometry

  • Lightworker Ethics/Boundaries

  • Group/Collective Consciousness Healing

  • Akashic Record Readings

  • Chakra Healing & Balancing 

  • Remote Healing Sessions

  • Journey Writing

  • Automatic Writing (Channeling)

  • In-person Healing Sessions

  • Self-healing session


  • Awaken and discover your Divine purpose and vision as a Healer

  • Strengthen your gifts and intuition

  • Balance the Ego and Projections

  • Become confident in your journeying skills

  • Learn to detach when you give an intuitive message to a client

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