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Ready for a Mind-Body-Soul Detox? …Time to Release and Receive

Ready for a Mind-Body-Soul Detox? Time to Release and Receive

A journey of ascension is a journey of self discovery and self-work; I am on this journey for eternity, we are all in this together and I will take your hand and help you with yours. -Dana Massat

You are on purpose. You are meant to be here. The world longs for you to be your full expression. Your soul has never left you. Your mistakes have not trapped you; instead, they serve as kindling for your authenticity. It is never too late to let go and fall into what you truly are, always will be, and always have been. -Elisa Romeo

Soul Clearing

Mind-Body-Soul Detox

Time to clear those stuck energies that are keeping us low and open up for abundance and manifestation of our Higher-selves for 2017! Many times our Ego’s goals and intentions supersede our Higher-self’s goals and intentions, which means we are constantly get reared off our Soul’s journey, facing blocks, set-backs and experiencing similar negative events over and over. A Soul Clearing is a great healing modality that works with training the Ego to operate like your Higher-self, as well as intregrating the Ego and Higher-self to work as one.

Many souls experience carrying the weight of the world, carrying a heaviness that has transferred over from parallel lifetimes, karma, or carrying low vibrational family energy or entities passed down through the generations. Many souls are often unknowingly holding onto these low vibrational energies (Miasms) which have attached at different points throughout their life, and which hold them back from living in a higher vibration.

A soul clearing consists of releasing the client from low vibration at a mind, body and soul level. Releasing karma, soul agreements that no longer serve the highest potential of the client, low vibration, negative behaviors, deep seeded emotions, and any dark energies or entities that have attached to the client.

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