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Soul Inspiring Summer Book Club

HURRY & SIGN UP!! Soul Inspiring Summer Book Club

The Book club will start on June 10th, get your book ASAP so you are ready to dive deep with the group. 

The ancient Toltecs believed that life as we perceive it is a dream.

We each live in our own personal dream, and all of our dreams come together to make the Dream of the Planet. Problems arise when we forget that the dream is just a dream and fall victim to believing that we have no control over it.

The Mastery of Self takes the Toltec philosophy of the Dream of the Planet and the personal dream and explains how a person can:

  • Wake up

  • Liberate themselves from illusory beliefs and stories

  • Live with authenticity

Once released, we can live as our true, authentic, loving self, not only in solitude and meditation, but in any place--at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, etc.--and in any situation or scenario that confronts us.

The Ruiz family has an enormous following, and this new book from don Miguel, Jr. will be greeted with enthusiasm by fans around the world. This new book from don Miguel, Jr. will be greeted with enthusiasm by fans around the world.

Start date: June 10th, 2018 Requirements: Read 2 chapters a week (if you go quicker or slower, not a problem. You can go at your own pace and save the emails/chat groups for your leisure)Click to Order Book

Intention The intention of this book club is for you to make a dedication to yourself to create a daily spiritual practice of diving deeper into your authentic self to heal wounds, awaken wisdom, grace, forgiveness, awareness and more.

As a collective we will be raising the vibration of ourselves, each other and thus the collective consciousness. We will support each other in our healing processes, through email and chat. I will be sending emails throughout the process intended to make you dive deeper into the essence of this text.

Sign up to Book Club

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