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  • Dana Massat

Stop resisting and fall into yourself

Your heart breaks,

Things do not go your way,

Life gets the best of you,

You are knocked down,

Feeling lost and confused,

You are falling in the abyss of yourself,

Yet trying to run away from you,

Fighting the heaviness,

Begging for the light to shine upon you.

What are you afraid of?

Why are you running away from the heaviness that is trying to release from you?

These feelings you are feeling and the stories you are creating, are not you.

The stories and emotions are trying to release, so you can connect more deeply with your true-self.

You have to fall into yourself, to fully know what you are capable of.

It's time to come home.

It's time to celebrate.

You are reclaiming the power you once gave away freely,

You are finding the pieces of yourself that were once lost.

Fall into yourself, Fall into Divine

It is safe, you are home.

Written by

Dana Massat

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