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  • Dana Massat

Stop trying so hard to stay afloat & start diving into your authentic self

Journey to your Authentic Self

Do you feel you are barely staying a float, unable to break through what is holding you back or holding you down? Awaken and discover your Divine purpose, return to YOU!

21-day Program focusing on releasing the blockages and unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stagnate; thus connecting you with your true-self to live you highest quality of life!.

Symptoms of not living an Authentic Life:

  • You feel as if you are continuously on the cycle of insanity; repeating negative patterns, situations and behaviors.

  • Feeling depressed, lost, shameful, insecure, and confused.

  • Not feeling satisfied with your relationships, hobbies or with life in general.

  • Experiencing a “Life Crisis” (Mid-life, Quarter-Life)

  • You built your “White Picket Fence Life” and you thought that was the answer to happiness, but you are still left wanting more!

The process…Be ready to work and play each and every day!!

  • Each day there will be an exercise for you to do from meditation, reflecting, processing, igniting your creative forces and more!

  • Twice a week I will be doing a Coaching and/or EFT session with you to reprogramming your faulty beliefs and create healthy and positive beliefs.

  • Some days will be meditation and reflection days, which will help you process and release your negative emotions, faulty beliefs and thoughts, while connecting you deeply to your soul’s purpose and limitless possibilities (your expanded-self).

Start the Journey Today!

I have tried many healing modalities to release karma, negative family patterns, and depression. The issues I have been working on since my early 20’s would release, but only for short periods.This program is amazing and Dana facilitates it perfectly, with grace, care and LIGHT! I noticed right away I had such clarity and I was filled with such high vibrational energy. I would react to situations differently and I would no longer be attracted to negative or dark situations or people. Issues that I have been battling through for decades, were disappearing and literally OVER NIGHT!!! I didn’t think this was possible.

— George

Authentic Life, Divine purpose, meditation

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