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  • Dana Massat

The demons chasing you, let them in.

The demons chasing you, let them in. Let them consume you, let them break you down, let them awaken what's already inside you. Stop running, stop projecting, stop slowing down the inevitable. 

Those demons are just darkness, darkness that lurks inside all of us, some more than others. Until we release the fear of being engulfed by our own demons, we can't conquer them.

Feel the waves of darkness pushing you fast to the ground. Keep breathing, you still exist. Pray before you sleep and when you wake, asking your God, Source or Universe to give you the wisdom these demons have for you. The sooner you open up to the message of the darkness, the sooner you will rise again!

Ah Ha! And so it is! I see the Light again! My heart is singing, my mind has expanded and my emotions are clear. Namaste. 

Honor the cycles of true healing, which requires the full embrace and surrender to all parts of you. You need not be afraid of what waves are flowing inside of you, fall into the wave, ride the wave and the wave will eventually carry you to shore.

Written By

Dana Massat

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