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  • Dana Massat

The Mindful Momma presents the new podcast series Mindful Souls; check out the upcoming guests!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Starting a new series on my Mindful Momma podcast. I'm interviewing Mindful Souls that are giving back to the community and making change for justice, mental health and equality.

Dana Massat, Founder of Ascend Your Soul, a Shamanic Holistic Practitioner, Healer & Teacher for over 15 years and Psychotherapist is the Mindful Momma. Author of The Shaman's Daughter. We are talking about Mental Health, self-work, awareness, spirituality, kids, relationships, wounds, childhood, parenting, & life.

Upcoming Guests:

Feb 10, 2021

KRISTEN INGRAM is an award-winning CEO & Executive Producer at PLUS ONE society – a black-owned event production and marketing agency focused on social justice and racial equity servicing the sports, entertainment and media industries. Prior to launching PLUS ONE, Kristen was the Head of Affiliate Marketing for NFL NETWORK.

Feb 17, 2021

Shelly Burton is an internationally acclaimed Energy Medicine Woman.

After enduring a life-altering concussion, Shelly Burton found her true calling as a facilitator of knowledge and inner-connectivity. Her ability to form bonds and connections with others, and various aspects of nature led her to excel in healing dances, horse training, drumming, and hands-on healing practices. Shelly interprets the world through a comprehensive lens that combines her academic proficiency in both biomedicine, and medical anthropology, along with her deep-rooted understanding of spiritual and emotional healing. In fact, her innovative approach to self-improvement practices has garnered the attention of large media outlets including the BBC World Service, The Toronto Star and the Huffington Post.

Feb 24, 2021

Mark Troy known as the Midwest Medium. Mark provides guidance to people all over the world using his psychic mediumship ability. Utilizing his ability has allowed him to provide 10's of thousands of people since 2002. Today, Mark also mentors people around the world, helping them unfold their psychic and mediumship ability, as well as teach them the field of Astrology. Mark believes that this ability is something that can be and aide and of some guidance, but it is not perfect nor meant to solve all of our problems. Mark has professional experience in Clinical Psychology as well as his many years as a professional psychic medium, astrologer and mentor.

Mar 3, 2021

Kathleen Golik

Kathleen (Kat) is a Crystal Healer, Intuitive and designer. Following the flow that led her to create Crystal Rising. Activated with crystalline energy from Shamans and gurus from all walks of life she serves this higher purpose of connecting the Crystalline Grid and being a container of light. Kat is a Native New Mexican and comes from a line of healers. Her designs flow with a southwest vibe. She wears her grandmother's turquoise during each healing bringing in the powerful New Mexico earth energy into all she creates. Kat is currently in Sacramento, California where she holds weekly ceremonies, workshops and healings.

Mar 10, 2021

Christina Sutra a self taught artist, feminine embodiment and lifestyle transformation coach. She is married and has 3 small children. Christina works from home, running an art business and also loves coaching women to live their most embodied and unapologetic lives. She loves assisting women in finding their most expansive and expressive self so that they can manifest their dreams into reality. She is passionate about what she does and she brings this magnetic energy into all that she does.

Mar 17, 2021

Christina Dwyer graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as Valedictorian with a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She received her Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science from Marquette University. She is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Chinese herbology and acupuncture.

Her four-year masters program included over 3,000 hours of study and over 1,000 hours of clinical internship. She treated a number of health ailments ranging from women’s health, musculoskeletal disorders, pain management, digestive issues, weight management, and psychological disorders. Additionally, she studied as an intern under experts, specializing in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy. Christina has a passion for treating women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy with the more natural approach of Chinese medicine. She is actively engaged in continuing her education to specialize in these areas. She believes that with a foundation of Chinese Medicine, addressing diet, lifestyle, exercise, and emotional well-being, these key components can achieve optimum health and balance.

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