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  • Dana Massat

WHAT ARE CRYSTAL GRIDS? Online Course, start Manifesting today!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Whether your intention is focused on abundance and success, living your true purpose, finding peace and serenity, or maintaining protection and safety, there is a crystal grid for that! Take course anytime & anywhere Online format (materials, videos, presentations & handouts included) Investment: $20

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN YOUR COURSE: Crystal grid handout to make crystal grids with Mandalas, for prosperity, abundance, love, health and distance healing. I will supply the mandalas to use with your crystal grids Power Point Presentations & Videos to teach the course

WHAT TO EXPECT: Have crystals,power point, handout & Mandalas handy so you can practice the format on the Mandalas, if you don’t have crystals yet or enough crystals don’t worry, you can purchase these later (I will send you some options) There will be a meditation focusing on setting your intention on the crystal grid and sending your intention to the Universe directly. The videos and presentation will teach you everything you need to know to make your crystal grid.

Location & Contact Details Tel: 708-703-1791 Email: Remote

Book Online WHAT ARE CRYSTAL GRIDS? 1 hr $20 Book Now

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