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Why children need energetic "Tune-ups", clearing and grounding.

 I have always had a special passion working with our “gifted children”, reawakening their natural healing flow and teaching them to strengthen their gifts. I provide a loving and non-judgmental environment for the child and family; offering the family a different option of healing. – Dana Massat

Is your child experiencing:

Tantrums Nightmares Fears of life Lack of focus Symptoms of ADHD/Autism Imbalances (emotional/physical) Transitional challenges (school/home) Increase in Negative emotions/thoughts

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Remember…Just as we experience moments of imbalances, stress, lack of motivation, fear of moving forward and more, our children experience similar moments in their life.Come back to balance…Children can release their low vibrational energy through a clean diet, physical movement, meditation, crystals, saging rituals, and energy healing.

How I can help…I have an array of “in-person” and “remote” healing services that have been proven time and time again to being balance to many children and adults. 


Yesterday she started dancing again…. She asked me if she could take lessons again, she had stopped going a year ago..I see her becoming herself more and more… Thank you always Dana!! For her to be able to be herself with confidence makes me the happiest.T.V. Chicago IL

I am so grateful for Dana. My son has a weak immune system and we have been in an out of Doctors and we use a mix of herbs, essential oils and supplements to try to strengthen my son’s immune system and prevent him from getting sick. When my son gets sick, he usually ends up in the E.R. even with all our prevention. Dana’s distance healing sessions are the only element that has worked for my son. His immune system has strengthened greatly and when he does get ill he recovers much faster! We are so grateful that we have came across Dana, an amazing soul and healer. Thank you!

Karen TX

I have to share my story! I went to see Dana with Ascend Your Soul because I heard amazing testimonies from other parents that have brought their children to her that were facing emotional and behavioral issues. My son has been ADHD since 5 years old and he is now 14 years old and he is very anxious and acts out quite frequently. My son was doing horrible in school, not adjusting well to High School and starting to get into fights at school; I saw him going down a destructive path if I didn’t try to help him. I knew nothing about CranioSacral or energies trapped in the body, but I trusted my friends so I took my son to see Dana. After his first session, not only was he relaxed and less anxious the next morning; but the week following the session I noticed he was enjoying going to school and actually making new friends. My son was excited to see Dana every week, which I was ecstatic about because he hated every Doctor I took him to! I loved Dana too and let me tell you why: My son has self esteem now, he has a sense of who he is and he has confidence! Something I never saw in him before, but to be honest I didn’t know it was missing. I am so grateful for Dana and for the healing that my son received. He is a new person with endless possibilities now.

Mary Ann Tinley Park IL

I took my 18th month son to see Dana for CranioSacral therapy after a long struggle of trying to make my son eat solid foods and to help him sleep better at night. My son barely sleeps more then 4 hours at a time and he gags almost every time he tries to eat solid foods. At my whits end, I was ready to try a modality (CranioSacral) that I have never tried before. I told Dana about my sons struggles and with a loving touch she started to work on my son with various holds and sometimes working off his body (releasing energy blocks). I had no idea what Dana was doing or how this was going to help my son, but I stood back and just watched her do her work. You could tell my son gravitated towards her energy and honestly I did too! Dana has such a compassionate and gentle heart, you just don’t want to leave her presence. After the first session, I was amazed that my son slept 7 hours for the first time ever and the next day he ate two new solid foods! I still don’t understand completely how it works, but all I know is it was a miracle for our family!

Carol Chicago IL

I took my son to see Dana for CranioSacral therapy with the hopes of assisting with his sensitives to his environment and foods. To my surprise not only was he able to handle his external environment in ways I didn’t think he would ever be able too, but his social skills awakened to new levels! My son used to hide behind my legs and would rarely respond when people would speak to him and now he was engaging in conversations with his peers and adults. His sensitivity to foods has subsided probably 60% due to the energy healing and the other 40% improvement was due to use eating purer foods. 

Mary B Chicago, IL

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