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Hear from my clients...

Working with Dana has been nothing less of amazing! I have had the privilege of doing workshops as well as one on one sessions with her. Let me tell you that she pours her entire soul into what she does and deeply cares about each person. I love that she is a polymath in different healing techniques and custom tailors them to what is best in that moment of time. I cannot recommend her enough.



My work with Dana was instrumental in my spiritual transformation and healing. The connection of her energy with Spirit is infused with a Supreme Higher Love that is called for healing. She was able to work on energy points where low vibration energy was blocked and needed to be released. I felt this happening during and after our sessions together. I felt light and less constricted. The transformation that took place within me is undeniable. She was able to assist me in removing many negative blocks that were holding me back from moving forward spiritually, mentally and emotionally, from my highest good and purpose. She assisted in releasing some of the immature, emotional inner child issues that were preventing positive, forward moving growth. She guided me and assisted me in learning how to “tune in” to my Higher self and inner voice. Showing me how to access and respond to my lower vibration emotions with self-love, self-nurturing and non judgement, also teaching me how to use my “breath” to center and reset myself. I began to understand and know how to truly honor myself, my inner needs and desires and even heal Karmic Lessons, including karmic imprints from my family lineage. Dana’s connection to spirit is so powerful and healing. She has assisted me in the ability to access a place so deep within myself that I have come to experience peace, bliss and connection to Spirit and my Higher Self that I have never been able to access or experience before. Dana has also done amazing energy work with my daughter who was struggling with her emotions and stresses that were creating “dis-ease” within her. It was so helpful and healing. My daughter absolutely loves Dana and her energy and how she uses Palo Santo, which we now use daily to clear our energy.

My work with Dana has been a tremendous amazing, miraculous experience. Dana has an amazing gift and passion for healing and transformation! I would recommend any of her work to all of my family and friends!

Dana, thank you from my whole heart!

Maggie B Chicago, IL

Dana is truly a very gifted and skilled healer and mentor. I have done a lot of previous spiritual work and healing via different modalities. I was already living a very good and contented life yet was still struggling with few things that made me feel like I have lived in a glass box and could not get out of it. With very gentle and nurturing way Dana was able to guide me to the places within myself that still needed to be healed. I particularly felt empowered by EFT that helped me to upgrade my old and outdated belief system. I noticed a significant shift within myself, my feeling sense and in my environment after 30 days Ascend your Soul Program. Most of us want so much to have a better and happier life, and truly all we want and all the answers are within. Dana is a very skilled, caring, loving teacher who will help anyone, who is open and curious to go deeper and heal. Thank you Dana. Izabela

Izabela A  Chicago, IL

I signed up with Dana Massat for a soul clearing session. Was the best decision I ever made. Not only did she give me the tools I need to further enhance my life . But her ability to reach out and touch souls is astounding . You truly are amazing and outstanding!

Tony G Chicago, IL

I am ever so thankful to Dana with Ascend Your Soul, for channeling through the amazing, life-changing “Soul Clearing” process. I am well in to my 50’s and I have tried many healing modalities to release karma, negative family patterns, and depression. The issues I have been working on since my early 20’s would release, but only for short periods. I would always find myself in a re-occuring nightmare of reattaching to unhealthy people and adding more darkness to my life. I signed up for a 30-day Soul Clearing and I noticed right away I had such clarity and I was filled with such high vibrational energy. I would react to situations differently and I would no longer be attracted to negative or dark situations or people. Issues that I have been battling through for decades, were disappearing and literally OVER NIGHT!!! I didn’t think this was possible, but I feel my karma has been removed and it has been three months after my last Soul Clearing and I fill I am still living fully in the light.

George Chicago, IL

I am new to “distance healing”, but my friend referred me to Dana Massat and recommended I get a Soul Clearing. I was in a hamster wheel, and no matter how hard I tried to shift old patterns, especially in my relationships, I always ended back where I was months prior. I would think I was moving forward and then I was abandon again and again. This was a family energetic that my mother faced as well, so I knew this was a deeper issue then I could handle. I worked with Dana for 60 days, and I have to say I was a painful, exciting, liberating, draining, and joyful process. Yes all those emotions were mixed together during the process, and I stand here today in a healthy relationship for 8 months now. I can’t explain what Dana does, it’s truly a gift she has that has changed my life forever! I react differently to situations in my life and I feel much more grounded and centered. 

Julie Albany, NY

I have been dealing with anxiety for over 20 years and I have been taking medication for my anxiety for the past 5 years. I made a dedication to myself that in 2013, I was going to take charge of my health and get off the medication and I was ready to work on releasing the root of my anxiety. My friend referred me to Dana stating that Dana will know exactly what you need to do to begin the process of releasing and healing the wounds inside of me. I trusted my friend deeply, so I went to see Dana, but my skeptical mind was fully in the driver seat! I meet Dana and I immediately felt safe and comfortable, which was rare for me because I am always filled with anxiety and fear. Long story short, I worked with Dana for 6 months through CranioSacral Therapy and Soul Clearing and I feel like a different/new person! When she works in your energy field, whether its in the physical or long distance you can feel the heavy energies as she is pulling them from you. It’s amazing! Thank you Dana, for showing me a new world, one that I will never leave!

Gloria Naperville, IL

I feel so blessed to have your support Dana. I have been working on myself for many years and I finally understand why I have been working so hard and now I feel I am finally seeing the light! Seems like all the work I’ve been doing in the past has prepared me to do this deep work with you now, I feel as though my growth & healing has accelerated in the last few months while working with you & I’m so grateful to you!

Jasmine Chicago IL

I have had the pleasure of working with Dana to evolving into a personal friendship since 2010. Our relationship began professionally when she began healing sessions with me. At that time, I was impressed with her background and the level of care and warmth that she worked with. In time, our relationship evolved into a friendship. I am honored to call Dana one of my best friends. She has exhibited dynamic business skills and motivation. Dana has a unique package that consists of understanding people on a human level and works in integrity and compassion combined with a sharp business sense that gives her a well-rounded and complete package. As a licensed social worker, I feel the work that Dana is providing to the community is invaluable.

Amanda Sneed LSW Clinical Family Service Specialist

Dana Massat is one of the most spiritual, helpful and amazingly gifted souls that I have ever met. She is so devoted to helping others either by guiding them or educating them spiritually in any way that she can. She has helped so many people that I care about, including myself through her energy work, recommendations, affirmations and encouragement. I am so thankful that I met her, more grateful that I know her and I have complete faith that whatever endeavors she attempts through the type of work that she does, that she will be tremendously successful.

Lisa Nardi-Byrne LCPC

Dana Massat,


is my Indigo Child, born to make changes in the world. She is creative, intuitive and confident with the strength of a leader and the passion to manifest her dreams.

She is an incredible mother of two sons. She holds a special place in her heart for the children of the world who come into this world with struggle. She sees their gifts and will manifest a place for these kids to show their Light…..

Don Massat Shaman, Founder of Beyond Wellness and Sacred Journey Institute

Dana is a lightworker who’s life purpose is to bring understanding, clarity and healing to those who’s lives have been touched by ADHD, Autism, Aspergers and Learning Disorders. Not only is her calling to adults to help adults better understand children but it is also to the children themselves to bring positive change and awareness to the masses. Her vision includes allowing those children to be taught and touched in the way that would most benefit their authentic nature and bring loving growth and empowerment to those that have been misunderstood and separated.  She is being called to be a loving and nurturing catalyst to bring forth change and awareness. Her calling is one that comes deep within her authenticity and is birthing change. I fully support her vision and celebrate it!

Jacqueline Spaargaren Life Coach and Empowerment Journey Teacher | Passage into Power

I have been on my spiritual journey for the past 5 years, following a traumatic divorce. I took charge of my life and embarked on a journey of self-love and discovery, but I lacked feeling contentment and inner peace. I was referred to Dana Massat actually by numerous friends. I did the 30 day Soul Clearing and it was my first time engaging in Remote Healing, but I trusted Dana because I heard she was an expert in her field. The journey was nothing like I have ever felt or experienced! I felt moments during the journey when low vibrational energies were leaving. At one moment I woke up in my sleep and started coughing and the next morning I was engulfed in this intense sensation of lightness and freedom. I would also feel days were guides were working on me, and that was a new and unique experience for me. Dana opened up many new beliefs and gifts for me and I am ever so grateful. She truly is an expert in her field of holistic healing and remote healing and she has mastered her gifts at such a young age! I admire her and she will forever be a spiritual teacher to me and my family.

Melissa K Arlington Heights IL

I’ve been working with Dana Massat for the last few years and Ican’t say enough good things about her as a person & as a healer. Dana continues to amaze & impress me with her gifts. I’m a licensed mental health therapist & the last few years I have dedicated my life to healing from my own childhood neglect & abuse, it has been an intense & challenging journey, through it all Dana has been so kind & supportive. I have appreciated her intuition, insights & wisdom. Most of all, I have received incredible healing on PTSD, Depression & Codependency. I’m experiencing greater peace, well being & joy. I’m feeling healthier emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically & in my relationships with others. Over the last few years, I have done many things to heal & they have all given me something; however my work with Dana has been the most deeply healing & effective. Also, I appreciate that it is so gentle; there are other forms of healing that have unfortunately retraumatized my nervous system. Also, through the years, as I’ve become healthier, I’ve outgrown the healers I’ve worked with because as I’ve become healthier, the ways that they are not healed started to stand out to me & made me uncomfortable & there was no longer a resonance; this is not the case with Dana, the healthier I become, the more I appreciate her as a healer & as a person. Her energy is very pure & light; she has always had my best interest at heart, she has always respected my path & my own inner guidance. She is very kind, generous & humble. I’m so blown away my her intuitive & healing gifts. I’ve mostly had in-person & remote energy healing sessions, my healing process with Dana has truly felt like magic & miracles! It is one thing to learn about energetic connectivity in the field & it’s another thing to experience it, especially with the remote sessions! So grateful for Dana!

Sonia Chicago IL

Yesterday she started dancing again…. She asked me if she could take lessons again, she had stopped going a year ago..I see her becoming herself more and more… Thank you always Dana!! For her to be able to be herself with confidence makes me the happiest

T.V.Palos Park IL

I found Dana Massat via a Google search of “awakening my life purpose”. I am a well known therapist on the East Coast but I previously have led a very intellectual practice; lacking soul inspirations and spirit. In my own personal life I felt something was missing and I felt a physical blockage in my heart. I started my journey with Dana first with a Soul Clearing and then consecutive Shamanic Journey’s. The whole process was very enlightening and I awakened parts of myself I was completely disconnected from. I am so grateful for my journey with Dana and I continue my work with her today. My professional practice is now an integrative therapeutic approach of mind-body-soul.

Margarite New York

I meet Dana two years ago. I am honored to have her as my friend and healer. Dana, I see her as an Earth Angel, always evolving and looking for new and effective ways to evolve and heal others and the planet as a whole. Her foundation is built on trust, honesty and integrity; she is a caring daughter, loving mother, and compassionate friend. She is a highly gifted healer and the most compassionate person I know. She has a magical touch, especially with her work with Children with Special Needs. Meeting Dana was the best thing that happen in my life. I learned a lot from her and I continue to learn from her and she has pushed me to evolve.

Ekram Tinley Park, IL

I took my 18th month son to see Dana for CranioSacral therapy after a long struggle of trying to make my son eat solid foods and to help him sleep better at night. My son barely sleeps more then 4 hours at a time and he gags almost every time he tries to eat solid foods. At my whits end, I was ready to try a modality (CranioSacral) that I have never tried before. I told Dana about my sons struggles and with a loving touch she started to work on my son with various holds and sometimes working off his body (releasing energy blocks). I had no idea what Dana was doing or how this was going to help my son, but I stood back and just watched her do her work. You could tell my son gravitated towards her energy and honestly I did too! Dana has such a compassionate and gentle heart, you just don’t want to leave her presence. After the first session, I was amazed that my son slept 7 hours for the first time ever and the next day he ate two new solid foods! I still don’t understand completely how it works, but all I know is it was a miracle for our family!

Carol Chicago, IL

I ask myself if Dana is the next Mother Teresa because after I had two CranioSacral sessions with her I was able to belly dance and sleep all night without having numbness in my hands ,arms and feet. I was miraculously able to move my head all the way to my right after 4years now due to arthritis . My pain is diminish, and I am so grateful and it truly feels like a MIRACLE! I feel great and 20 years younger! I Feel positive to all these great changes. I want the the whole world to know that we have a healer the next Mother Teresa. I thank god bringing for bringing Dana to this world. Thank YOU!

E. Suduh Palos Hills, IL

Since Dana started the soul clearing for my husband, I have noticed so many shifts with him as well as our family. We have had communication blocks between us and I had been feeling so alone and disconnected. I knew he was in pain and shut down, and felt helpless. Since we were at a point where we were triggering each other constantly and unintentionally, I felt at the time that the best way to connect to him was energetically. I knew immediately when the shifts started happening, and once one individual shifts in the family unit, the entire family energetic started shifting as well. I felt as he began to trust and open, so did I and our children. The energetic shifts lead to less arguments and triggers, more physical contact, and deeper conversations within the family. The distant healing removed so many blocks that did not belong with our family to allow the natural joy and love shine through. I am so grateful.

Inna Chicago, IL

I am so grateful for Dana. My son has a weak immune system and we have been in an out of Doctors and we use a mix of herbs, essential oils and supplements to try to strengthen my son’s immune system and prevent him from getting sick. When my son gets sick, he usually ends up in the E.R. even with all our prevention. Dana’s distance healing sessions are the only element that has worked for my son. His immune system has strengthened greatly and when he does get ill he recovers much faster! We are so grateful that we have came across Dana, an amazing soul and healer. Thank you!

Karen Spring, TX

I contacted Dana with Ascend Your Soul as a last resort, as I was dealing with suicidal thoughts, self-hate, and I would continually go back to old negative patterns even after I would release them for shot periods. I felt as if I was destined to fail and that I would always go back to my typical depressed and lonely state. I signed up for a 30-day Soul Clearing with the hope and intention it would transform my life. I went through a lot of transformation during the 30day period; and to keep a long story short, during the process the huge overwhelming feeling I was filled with was JOY and HOPE! I would wake up 90% of the time with hope, optimism, and JOY like I never felt before in my life. It gave me the energy and clarity I needed to make better decisions in my life and let go of the negative situations and people that we keeping me stuck on my journey. My journey continues on, but the Soul Clearing gave me a burst of clarity, joy and hope that I needed to speed up my ascension. I am so grateful! Thank you Dana!

Sara Chicago, IL

Dana is one of the most gifted, sweet, gentle, caring, available, dependable, compassionate, consistent, wise, inspiring trusted spiritual advisors that I know. She delivers her advice in such an honest, compassionate, non-judgmental way. The feedback that she provides after either one of our healing sessions or soul clearings are right on point. Her wise feedback plays a major role in my reaching within to find the strength to do the work to manifest the intentions that I set for my life. I am so so very grateful to have Dana as a spiritual advisor.

T.M.Chicago, IL

I took my son to see Dana for CranioSacral therapy with the hopes of assisting with his sensitives to his environment and foods. To my surprise not only was he able to handle his external environment in ways I didn’t think he would ever be able too, but his social skills awakened to new levels! My son used to hide behind my legs and would rarely respond when people would speak to him and now he was engaging in conversations with his peers and adults. His sensitivity to foods has subsided probably 60% due to the energy healing and the other 40% improvement was due to use eating purer foods. 

Mary B Chicago, IL

Dana Massat is an unbelievable healer, educator and resource. I have been in the Bodywork and bodywork education field for over 13 years and Dana is one of the most intuitive and by far one of the most honest people I have ever been honored to meet. She is guided by her ethics and love of the work. Her ability to tune in is amazing. I have trusted her with both my children and am excited to learn from her. I have referred many people to her and will continue to. Dana is one of a kind.

Rachel Horcher Homewood, IL LMT/RYT

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