"Shift from Surviving to Thriving"

21-day Program

This program is intended for a couples seeking to build a solid foundation of trust, love and safety.

Investment $222.00

Who can benefit from this program

  • You feel as if you are continuously on the cycle of insanity; repeating negative patterns, situations and behaviors within your relationship.

  • Feeling depressed, lost, shameful, insecure, and confused within your relationship.

  • Desiring to build more intimacy, trust, honor, love and respect in your relationship.

  • You are having the same fight over and over. The frustration, resentment, contempt and anger is high in your relationship.

This program is intended for a couples seeking to build a solid foundation of trust, love and safety, a couple stuck in the struggle and needing to improve their communication, connection and intimacy, or a couple who wants to make a last-ditch effort to make it work. Overall this program is suited or couples that have minimal issues in their relationship to the couple experiencing turmoil.

The process...

Be ready to work and play each and every day!!

  • Each day there will be an exercise exploring romance, appreciation, wounds, fun, playful energies, meditation, reflecting, processing, igniting your creative forces and more!

  • Turn off all distractions (cell phones, internet, TV, & etc). Be in the moment with yourself, detach from fear and surrender to love. We are taught that we can control our lives and that will create more freedom, but the truth is that true freedom is achieved through surrender and letting go. You will reach moments of “resistance”, don’t give up or pair with the resistance, ask the resistance “What wisdom do you have for me”” Remember why you are taking this challenge and keep moving forward.

  • Optional & Extra Cost:  Coaching and/or EFT session with you to reprogramming your faulty beliefs and create healthy and positive beliefs.

When you love yourself unconditionally, it means you perceive yourself as lovable, worthy & whole. When you master this, your perception of love in relationships shift and you begin to share that loving, wholeness, and honor with those you connection with. Unconditional love is the ability to love another as they are in their essence.


  • Awaken and discover what unconditional love truly is, live and breathe it into your relationship & experience more fulfillment, joy and peace in your relationship.

  • As you experience wholeness, compassion, love and acceptance for you, you will experience those feelings within your relationships with others.

  • You will disconnect from fear and embrace love.

  • You will begin to step out of the drama and embrace the wisdom and joy in every moment.

  • You will begin to see the beauty in the things and people you used to fear.

  • You will begin to embrace your journey instead of resisting and controlling.

  • Gain awareness on the core cause of your issues and repetitive negative behaviors.

  • Balance in the emotional and physical body

  • Gain of clarity

  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leading to improvements in relationships and quality of life

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

Cost, Why $222?

In numerology, 2 is balance and harmony, and of peace. This number is mostly focused on relationships and on people. Number 2 takes the higher ground. It’s the diplomat and the manager, the referee and the caretaker. It adapts to make itself amenable to whatever is needed so long as adapting means keeping the peace. Two is the number of people in a traditional love relationship, and no matter how many friends we have or family members, or lovers, all of our relationships boil down to how we get on with the other person, because all relationships are series of one-on-one interactions.​ The number 2 is balance. There is no light without dark, no warmth without cold, no hatred without love, no sweetness without bitterness. Two reminds us to take things in moderation and most importantly to always remember that even if we taste the bitterness now, there is still sweetness.

Three twos, is a higher octave of two. It’s 2x2x2, which equals 6, the number of service and sacrifice, surrendering out of love and giving of oneself out of love. 222 is thus an angelic number, amplifying the call to give love, to bring comfort, to right spiritual wrongs, and to heal spiritual wounds, both in ourselves and in others. 

Seeing 222 in places is a message from the universe that in order to create something new, you must put your heart into, or that what you have given your love and have sacrificed for is going to come to fruition, perhaps even in ways you can’t predict. If you consider that two is the joining of one with another, 222 is asking for trust in the divine and trust in one’s self, must as one would place if they were in a relationship.

Hear from my clients...

Dana you are a true healer Thank You for being in my life and my family we all love going to you great healing experience God bless you ❤️


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