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Raise the Vibration of Your Relationships


Dana Massat a Shamanic Holistic Practitioner, Healer & Teacher for over 15 years is sharing a transformative workshop with the public open to individuals & Couples.


Are you stuck in old/negative patterns that are keeping your relationships stuck, low vibrational or self-serving? If you are struggling or experiencing repeated issues and challenges in relationships, it's a indicator that something is amiss inside of you, an unhealed wound, distrust, unhealthy patterns and reactions, etc. When you can bring awareness and kindness to your inner world, you can heal and shift your outerworld, raise the vibration of your current relationships and attract more high vibrational people into your life.

We will be exploring friendships, romantic relationships & business partnerships. As you raise your vibration, choose healthy patterns & reactions, your TRIBE and existing relationships will shift as well.


This is a workshop for women & men, Individuals & Couples, with the intention of self-awareness, self-work, healing, ascension, & gathering. This workshop includes: meditation, exercises to raise your vibration, new tools & healing touch.


Facilitator: Dana Massat

Investment: $75

Date: TBD

Location: Tranquil Soul

20280 S. LaGrange Road

 Frankfort Illinois 60423


(815) 534-5828  


The Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 33. Angel number 33 is the number of creativity and spiritual illumination. The number three enhanced to the highest levels, and it signifies the Holy Trinity, which means that at a given moment you have divine protection, help, and guidance from angel hands.

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