Conscious Parenting

21-day Program -$599.00

A program focusing on making positive changes within yourself and your family, thus improving your family dynamic and quality of life!

Are you struggling almost everyday with managing your children & your family?

Why as parents we experience struggle, resistance, and defeat with our children:

  • Lack of discipline

  • Lack of healthy boundaries

  • Lack of empowering our children and strengthening their independence

  • Filled with guilt or shame, thus parents give in rather than teaching their children powerful life lessons, structure and discipline.

  • Lack consistency

  • Roles undefined in family: thus our children become the parents and we become the children

  • Lack in family structure and balance, thus responsibilities fall on top one parents (filled with stress, anger, frustration, and overwhelmed)

THE SECRET TO PARENTING: Master the Dance of Boundaries and Freedom

A great method to help you stay balanced when parenting, ensuring you are giving your child healthy boundaries but also freedom to express themselves is what I call: Love & Light / Discipline & Boundaries. Parenting is similar to dancing, at times you are free flowing without a plan and completely engulfed in the present moment experiencing bliss and creation. At times you are focused on form, structure and results, while feeling accomplished and proper. Using the method of Love & Light / Discipline & Boundaries gives you the essential ingredients that children need to thrive and that your family needs to thrive. I have seen time and time again parents only parenting from one category, either “Love & Light” or just “Discipline & Boundaries”. The issues with parenting just from “Love & Light” is the child then lacks a solid foundation of structure, boundaries, and motivation to complete mundane tasks, which is essential for daily life but also their future professional life. The issues with parenting just from “Discipline & Boundaries” is the child becomes burnt out and loses their lust for life because they are being consistently directed and not heard, their passions are not being fed, and they are not feeling intimately connected to their parents.

This is a parenting method you will learn and practice daily during this program and before you know it, you will be experiencing more balance, freedom, bliss and peace within your family!!

The process...

Be ready to be focused and disciplined daily for 21 days, but know that all your dedication will pay you and your family back for many days to come!

  • Each day there will be an exercises/assignments, assessments, Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions and more.

  • Twice a week I will be doing a Coaching and/or EFT session with you to reprogramming your faulty beliefs and assist in reprogramming your parenting skills.

  • Some days will be meditation and reflection days, which will help you process and release your heavy emotions that are connected to your inner child.

  • Turn off all distractions (cell phones, internet, TV, & etc).


  • Work as a team with your family, giving everyone a role and keeping everyone accountable

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

  • Improved sense of well-being, peace, and happiness

  • Increase Wholeness within yourself and your family (inner peace, contentment, balance, and harmony)

  • Release discord with yourself and in your family

  • Release the negative parental skills you have picked up and reprogram your parenting skills in to healthy patterns and behaviors for your entire family

  • Gain awareness on the core cause of your issues and repetitive negative behaviors operating within the family system.

  • Pinpoint the manipulation and unhealthy behaviors that are operating within the family, and create a plan to stop these behaviors and replace them with healthy behaviors that will raise your children into healthy adults later in life.

  • Balance in the emotional and physical body

  • Gain of clarity

  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leading to improvements within the family and quality of life

Hear from my clients...

Dana you are a true healer Thank You for being in my life and my family we all love going to you great healing experience God bless you ❤️


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