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Shamanic Psychotherapy

In-person or Via Zoom

Investment: $150.00 (50 min)

Shamanic Psychotherapy is an evolved and holistic form of counseling, where I utilize all my gifts, education, skills and tools. During I session my intention is to heal the relationship between the mind, body and spirit through CBT, client center therapy, mindfulness, meditation, shamanic guided journey, sound healing, tapping, inner child healing, shadow-work and mentorship.

When there is a disconnect of self and soul, people experience a lack of joy, soul loss, a lack of passion and purpose and blocked life force energy. Symptoms of this are: depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, low libido, rage, repeated negative patterns and relationships, addictions and more. These hidden and wounded aspects of you live in what we call the "shadow".  I will use various shamanic tools, like spirit guides, ancestors and animal totems to help you face your shadow and bring the shadow self more into the Light, so we can heal the core wounds.

The goal of shamanic psychotherapy is to integrate the shadow self with our conscious self, releasing all shame, guilt and judgment. When you heal your relationship with yourself, your external relationships begin to elevate and harmonize as well. The shamanic psychotherapy journey is a healing of the mind-body-soul that evolves the client emotionally and, spiritualty. I am direct and precise in my healing work, which means you should be able to manage your own healing process more quickly and efficiently then traditional psychotherapy.

Licensed in Illinois + Indiana + South Carolina

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