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Soul Clearing 30 Day Program

Includes: Energy Healing, Akashic Records & Intuitive Coaching.


$450 Remote Healing Only

$650, Remote Healing & Two 30 min Virtual Sessions with Dana

$800, Remote Healing & Four 30 min Virtual Sessions with Dana


Many people are experiencing intense transformation. Old issues, negative patterns, and heavy emotions are coming to the surface quickly for releasing. Relationships that no longer serve your “Highest Being and Soul Purpose” are crumbling and exploding with intention of making room for High Vibrational Soul partnerships. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing because of the intense manner in with the old energies are releasing from you.During this intense process of self transformation and SOUL AWAKENING, a Soul Clearing is a great process that will help cleanse and purify your soul of any low vibration that is holding you back.

Everyone experiences what shamans would call 'soul loss.'  Soul loss happens in a person's life typically as a result of some traumatic incident (an accident, any type of abuse or assault, the loss of a loved one, illness, being in a natural disaster, surgery, addiction, experiences of embarrassment or ridicule, etc.).  Any event that causes a person shock (leave their body) can cause soul loss.  During these traumatic incidents a piece of our soul may become dormant (go to sleep) in order to protect us from the immense pain that we would experience if we were fully present in our bodies at that time. In the moment of trauma soul loss isn't seen as something bad that happens to us, it is actually seen as something that is good because it is protective (also known as Miasm).  


Symptoms of soul loss can include some of the following:  not feeling fully alive or fully in your body, feelings of emptiness, chronic depression or anxiety, fear, PTSD, immune system problems or chronic illness, chronic misfortune, addictions, grief that does not resolve, lacking memory of some parts of your life, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and self-love, low self-confidence; etc. 

Evolved Elements of Program

Soul Clearing

A soul clearing is where I tap into the clients energy field daily for 30 days with assistance from Divine guides, Ascended Masters, and the client’s spirit guides with the intention of ascending the clients vibrational state of being. When I ascend the client’s vibrational state of being, it can release and heal physical aliments, addictions, negative thoughts and patterns, releasing karma and soul agreements that no longer serve the highest potential of the client, low vibration, blockages from aligning with your Soul Purpose, deep seeded emotions, and any dark energies or entities that have attached to the client. 

Intuitive Coaching

During the session we discuss what struggles and challenges you are experiencing and what “goals” you are wanting to obtain for yourself. Through the intimate soul connection I am able to intuitively sense the “root” of the struggles which allows me to determine the best tools for you to immediately add to your day to day routine.  With the Intuitive Coaching and self-work you will begin to come out of the struggle and re-align with Soul’s purpose. When you are aligned with your Soul’s purpose and living from your Higher-self, you will be living a spirit-filled life of bliss, wholeness, peace, and confidence.

Akashic Records

The Akashic records (Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") are understood to be a infinite collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether (a non-physical plane of existence). The Akashic Records are understood to have existed since the beginning of The Creation and even before. It's a boundless channel of information for you to access to shift limiting beliefs, negative stories, patterns, behaviors and align with your true Authentic Divine Self.

Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey healing meditation is a process where we first locate the feeling, wound or trigger and with my guidance we go into a guided trance-like meditation and begin to heal the core issue. Sometimes the core issue is connected to childhood and/or a current pattern you are cycling through maybe because of your beliefs or limitations. We end the meditation in an empowered and limitless state of being, which will allow you time to integrate your new frequency and beliefs into your everyday life.


Program Flow:

Each week you have the option to meet virtually for 30 minutes for either an Akashic Records Reading, Intuitive Coaching or  Shamanic Journey Healing Meditation. You Choose.

WEEK 1: Akashic Records Reading + Soul ClearingSet Intentions/Focus; creates the foundation of the Soul Clearing. Clear karma, unhealthy energetic patterns & invite in Divine healing. 

WEEK 2: Intuitive Coaching + Soul ClearingWounds are accessed; rising to the surface and releasing. Making space for you to invite in the Higher vibrations you desire. 

WEEK 3: Akashic Records Reading + Soul ClearingDeep healing of Subconscious through shifting unhealthy patterns, thinking & behaviors. 

WEEK 4: Intuitive Coaching + Soul ClearingIntegration of Subconscious/Conscious & Higher-self & Ego. 

Many Clients experience relief and healing from the following:
  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Repeating old patterns

  • Feeling stuck/constricted

  • Relationship issues

  • Addiction

  • Conversion and Somatic symptom disorders

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Lack of Clarity

  • Lack of Self-love/ Unworthiness

  • Lack of Spiritual Growth

  • A daily ritual is performed through remote healing for 30 days with intention of releasing low vibration and clearing space for manifestation

  • During the 30 day Soul Clearing, you will receive month long support from Dana Massat consisting of: spiritual guidance,  life coaching, shifting of thoughts and belief systems, intuitive messages, tools to further your self-work, and answers to your questions. You will receive email updates 3 times a week.

  • You may feel moments of “heaviness” as the low vibrational energies are leaving. You may feel moments of “lightness and bliss” as the Divine energy is being infused.

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