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Youth Empowerment Workshop


Sometimes we can loose our way in this world and forget the truth of who we are. Even the youth need to be reminded of their inner power, their voice, their gifts & purpose. I have been inspiring, empowering and healing children & teenagers for over 15 years that were stuck in depression, despair, anxiety and more.

Dana is sharing a transformative workshop for newly discovered Empaths & Lightworkers to Seasoned Empaths & Lightworkers that want to strengthen their protection & energetic boundaries and add to their current go-to tools. 


Your workshop will include: participation in confidence, self-esteem & empowerment exercises, sharing circle, meditation & ritual.


I always align my workshops and healings with the Universal energies to intensify the healing & manifestation. This workshop is aligned with the New Moon on March 6th, a great time to create new patterns & energies for your path!

Facilitator: Dana Massat

Investment: $33


Location: 16 W. 501 NIELSON LN, WILLOWBROOK IL 60527


Call or go to (630) 455-5885 to REGISTER!


The Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 33. Angel number 33 is the number of creativity and spiritual illumination. The number three enhanced to the highest levels, and it signifies the Holy Trinity, which means that at a given moment you have divine protection, help, and guidance from angel hands.

The importance of Empowering Children


When you become a parent, a new responsibility is given to you, to illuminated the path for your children until they are old enough to shine the light for themselves. You shine the light on the shadow parts so they can be seen with love, compassion & acceptance; thus your child can feel seen, heard & understood. This shows your child the pathway to healing, empowerment, ownership & confidence.

But what happens when the light has been dimmed by the external stressers, distractions, confusion and life changes? I created this workshop to be a LIGHT for your child, empower them and give them a boost of light! To remind them of their gifts and uniqueness that is perfect for this world! My passion and purpose is to EMPOWER our future leaders to become compassionate, grounded, conscious & confident so they cn inspire themselves & others along the journey. And of course, let's have some fun!!

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