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Dana is a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Healer, Teacher and Shaman with 15 years of Shamanic Integrative Healing and Holistic Modalities. Dana is an instructor at Sacred Journey Institute, one of the elite schools of CranioSacral Therapy & Miasm Release. Dana journeys beyond ordinary to work with the multi-dimensional trauma and it's effects on human behavior. 

My passion is helping each client become the expert of their life by changing their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, patterns, & behaviors. I work with children, adolescents, teenagers, adults in individual, couples, and families. I hold space for you by meeting you right where you are & I gently guide you back to your inner wisdom as you reclaim all the parts of yourself that you may have lost or have not trusted.

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Ascension Therapy + Shamanic Journeying + Energetic DNA Cleansing + Chakra Balancing 

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Wholistic Wellness

We are expanding, so we can better serve the community's needs.

At Wholistic Wellness we have evolved the traditional psychotherapy practices by embracing and teaching the importance of the body, mind and spirit connection. We teach our clients to live from their wholeness, not woundness.  We integrate a holistic psychotherapy approach including forms of meditation, mindfulness, EDMR,  shamanic healing and energy medicine to help individuals and couples be free from dysfunctional patterns, heal attachment patterns, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs; and step into their most authentic self with passion, joy and freedom! 

Located in Frankfort IL

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Featured by WGN

Dana & Don Massat | Soderworld featured by WGN Chicago News by Ana Belaval

Dana & Don Massat | Soderworld featured by WGN Chicago News by Ana Belaval

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