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Light Weaving


Investment: $444 (three 50 min sessions)


Lets break it down even more...

We commonly hear the term Past Lives, but the correct term is parallel lifetimes, because all of our lifetimes are going on at the same time. Our lifetimes or aspects of ourselves are parallel. Due to this phenomenon, we are able to transmute the frequency from our "highest frequency lifetime" into our current lifetime through Parallel Timeline Shifting (Light weaving). Timelines are pathways of potential outcomes. If you feel stuck in your life, repeating negative patterns, dealing with addictions, depression, anxiety, mental illness, trauma, blockages, low self esteem, repeated negative events, and etc... by embarking on Light Weaving-Timeline shifting, you can tap into the frequency of your highest vibrational life and awaken that frequency right now. Your path and frequency is not predetermined, it can always be changed.

Parallel Timeline Shifting, also called Light weaving is an ancient practice channeled from the Ascended Masters to awaken fully your most highest parallel lifetime frequency. It is a healing modality that uses energy transmitted from the 5th dimensional realm, angelic realm, and Source; using sacred geometry, colors, and energy also known as Light Language.

What to Expect

During a session, Dana, using Light Weaving-Timeline shifting, to awaken fully the highest frequency of your parallel lives into your present life. This is done through journey work which is similar to a guided mediation. Dana is intuitively guided by the Ascended Masters, who are in agreement to raise the vibration of Earth and it's people. It can be used alone or combined with other healing modalities.  The highest frequency can clear fear, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. 

The Process

You will have will have three 50 minute sessions with me over a short time period (in a 10-30 day period).

  1. Complete Assessment and Intention Homework

  2. First session (In person or Virtual) "Release & Invoke"

  3. Second Session (Virtual) "Reprogram & Awaken"

  4. Third Session (Virtual) "Full Alignment"

The imagination is the portal to other dimensions, perspectives, beliefs, healing and realities. Did you know the mind processes the imagination the same as reality? For example, if you daydream a whole scenario, the brain processes it as reality. If you believe that changing your perception and daily rituals, can change your reality, you are already half-way to the completion stage of Light Weaving-Timeline shifting.

The world we live in consists of many programs that tell us repeatedly that we are three dimensional limited beings. Truthfully, we are much more multi-dimensional than we believe to be. Yes, we have a conscious brain that keeps us secured into our current timeline (present lifetime), but we also have a subconscious mind that is linked to the soul. The soul and subconscious mind is the creator and our God essence, that can shift into different timelines and weave those high vibration light frequencies into the present moment.  

Timelines are pathways of future (different) outcomes.  People believe that the timeline they are in, they are also locked into. This is not true. If you can tune into your highest and best frequency (lifetime) and channel those beliefs, energies, and perspective into this lifetime, you can begin to upgrade your frequencies, which will change your outcomes.

For example, say you tune into a frequency where you are successful in your career, have perfect self-esteem, are surrounded by loving and supportive people, and you easily speak your needs and exude healthy boundaries. Yet, your current lifetime is filled with despair, abandonment, neglect, and unhealthy patterns; what you can do is release the beliefs and frequencies connected to your current lifetime and fully invite and embrace your highest and best frequencies from another timeline.

During and after the Light Weaving process you must intentionally choose your timeline each and every day. You must consciously decide to walk into the doorway that supports the highest and best version of you. This is way easier said than done, because patterns, habits and beliefs, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, due to force of habit are strong and well. And we unconsciously choose the same doorway/timeline each and everyday, because its familiar. You must begin to train your brain to choose something higher and different each and every day, even though, every part of your being wants to collapse into comfort.

Hear from my clients...

Dana you are a true healer Thank You for being in my life and my family we all love going to you great healing experience God bless you ❤️


—  P.V. Palos Heights IL

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